Agile IT Management

Streamline Software Development

with Agile IT Management

Developing new software or modernizing an existing product requires a reliable partner for collaboration in achieving success. Eminent IT helps customers adopt agile and, through agile, provides results with comprehensive analysis and innovative software development services. As a partner, Eminent IT delivers calculated end-to-end project execution using its expertise in Agile Software Development performed by highly experienced agile teams.

Agile Project Management Methodologies boost development speed, promote collaboration, and encourage better response to the latest trends. Eminent IT uses the scrum agile framework to boost speed in large and complex projects. This is accomplished by crystallizing customer strategy, preparing an effective strategic plan, and managing the implementation. Apart from the technical deployment of IT products and features, Agile Management is comprised of various elements that, together, lead to a successful project conclusion:

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a strategic process for planning, launching, and executing initiatives in an iterative environment. It allows customers to manage multiple interrelated projects with intersecting objects, requirements, and outcomes. It is a value-driven approach that promotes collaboration, boosts speed, and improves efficiency while minimizing risks.

Release Management

Release Management is a process that manages software deployments and change initiatives while ensuring that the integrity of the liveenvironment is secure and the right product is released. It provides a structured approach for making changes, testing to make sure they work correctly, and safely introducing them into live environments.

Change Management

Change Management is a process that increases the likelihood of success by minimizing the risk of rejection of a new system or change. The process includes a sequence of actions that promotes development from inception to delivery. It is a structured way to ensure that changes are thoroughly implemented and that the advantages of the changes are achieved.

Knowledge Management

The complexity of some software development projects demands an effective agile approach that enables higher levels of individual performance through collaboration and knowledge. Eminent IT promotes team meetings and continuous knowledge sharing between team members, creating a great learning environment.

Agile Project Management, Release Management, Change Management, and Knowledge Management enhance understanding of the customer’s vision and enable development of solutions that ensure success. From prioritizing features to iteration planning and testing, Agile Management encourages customer involvement throughout the project. By customers engaging in prioritizing features, Eminent IT development teams focus on delivering the features that provide the most value, meet mission requirements, and exceed expectations.