Agile IT Modernization

Agile IT Modernization

A Results-Driven Approach

Eminent IT utilizes the agile approach to resolve any integration challenges during software development. This results-driven approach enables flexibility in addressing the ever-growing set of applications and information sources that significantly expand customer capabilities. Employing modern DevOps – a software engineering practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev) with software operation (Ops) – tools associated with the agile approach, Eminent IT effectively accelerates the integration process that involves architecture, technology, people, and processes.

Successful project management in an agile environment relies on the five key attributes of Agile Methodologies – transparency, customer focus, adaptability, effective leadership, and continuous improvement. Using agile, Eminent IT teams visualize processes and outline opportunities for improvements. It is a proven approach that Eminent IT has successfully provided to federal government agencies for years.

Time Management

Whether it is writing code, addressing issues, introducing new services, or de-commissioning IT resources, it takes time to do it right and deliver a cost-effective product before the deadline. Agile development emphasizes the organization of time in a more productive way to keep the project on track.

A Valuable Return

With Agile, all team members focus on deploying the right product to the right purpose with the right processes at a specified time to deliver value that exceeds expectations. By defining the level of importance and priority of functionalities, every team member understands what is most essential to ensure project success.

Open-Source Ecosystem

With Agile IT modernization, it is easy to integrate applications with a whole new world of open-source technologies including IT and Cloud services in the most effective way. Having the ability to edit and share code in an agile environment significantly boosts productivity.

Minimal Risk

Agile software development reduces the costs and risks associated with rewriting applications or performing a complete migration away from legacy systems. With agile, Eminent ITour well-skilled team of developers manages cost, schedule, and scope in a more controlled way.

Eminent IT is an early adopter of Agile Methodologies and exploits the benefits of Agile IT solutions in its development, operations, and consulting processes. Agile IT solutions performed by Eminent IT prioritize the right projects and assure service transformation by enabling faster and simpler operations. By utilizing agile, Eminent IT improves the project’s product quality, team efforts, and transparency while maintaining a focus on cost-effectiveness.