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IT Management

Agile Program and Program Management

Eminent’s Agile Program and Program Management solutions are well-structured and ensure that projects meet operational, mission, cost, and related strategic goals. Our assistance helps businesses to achieve their mission-critical business goals and solve complex issues on time and within budget.

Business Process Improvement

Eminent is well known for offering the best-in-class business process improvement that aids in identifying operational resources and/or staff skills. Such operations of skills can be enhanced to encourage seamless business procedures, bring efficiency to business workflow and overall business growth.

Strategic Planning

Eminent’s proven strategic planning services leverage valuable input from key decision makers and strategists within the industry, discussions with key clients to develop the robust strategic plan and align business goals for maximum business results.

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)

Our Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) solutions offer a strong approach to strengthening the cybersecurity of business networks and systems across industries. We utilize CDM to provide businesses with abilities and tools that identify cybersecurity risks in real-time and prioritize these risks based on potential impacts.

Business Intelligence

Eminent provides end-to-end business intelligence (BI) services to allow informed decision-making to streamline business management process. We serve a wide variety of diverse businesses across industries by catering to each unique need.

WaterFall to Agile

We help businesses to counter the major challenges faced by businesses while transforming their business from WaterFall to Agile methodologies. Our efficient WaterFall to Agile transition process is carried to speed up the business processes while ensuring qualitative enhancement of the system.

Modernization & Shared Service Planning

Eminent is among the top IT partners that offer qualitative system modernization and shared system planning services at comparable rates. Our robust and innovative modernization solutions improve compliance, future scalability, efficiency, cost reduction, flexibility, and improving the speed of delivery.

Virtualization and Cloud Migrations

Our team of skilled expert help businesses from multiple industries with highly innovative, robust and best quality virtualization and Cloud Migration services. We provide seamless migration from a virtualized IT ecosystem to a private cloud model in order to get all the enterprise teams on board in the planning stages.

Business Process Reengineering

Eminent’s resourceful professionals offer robust redesign of principle business processes to gain qualitative enhancements in business productivity and cycle times. We help clients to drive value to their business by understanding pain points of specific industry and utilizing viable strategies.


Our top-notch DevOps services are well-known for offering the premium-grade solutions that emphasize communication, collaboration, integration, and automation. We employ Agile methodologies for continuous integration/continuous deployment and automated regression testing that enable software-driven innovation.

Product Development

Our next-gen and customized product management solutions are in demand for their best performance and better ROI. Eminent assist many businesses with top quality product management services that offer decreased time-to-market, improve competitive advantage and reduce overall costs.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the focal point of our IT modernization, cyber security and software development services. We even go an extra mile to satisfy our clients by catering to their every unique need at hand.

Software as a Service

Eminent plays a vital role in accelerating the journey of the businesses to the cloud by adopting, deploying, and integrating the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. We deploy applications offering excellent functionality and enhanced business value.

Systems Architecture and Design

Eminent’s Systems Architecture and Design solutions effectively translate the business needs and their functional, non-functional and technical needs to robust system architecture and design. We have focused on realizing scalable and secure, service-oriented architectures to provide instant business value and form a stable platform for future evolution.

Risk Management

We offer the best quality Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) that has an innovative design to identify and specify the aggregate portfolio of risks the business faces. Our smart strategy and strategic decisions help take advantage of valuable business opportunities and reduce the likelihood and the severity of risk events.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Eminent’s Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) ensures production and delivery capabilities, avoid sales losses, safeguards the corporate image and customer satisfaction. Our SCRM solutions also facilitate simplification of certifications and fulfillment of regulatory requirements and compliance.

Change Management

Our efficient, robust and innovative change management solutions offer proven technologies and methods to help our customers make strategies and execute programmes of change. We focus on adopting change strategy and new ecosystem in business systems.

Research and Analysis

Eminent’s research and analysis services help businesses to achieve substantial cost and time savings on multiple difficult research projects. Our research experts study the market landscape and various aspects of the industry to carry out sophisticated analysis and present insightful reports which help our customers make strategic decisions.

Knowledge Management

At Eminent, our expert professionals analyze and assess the knowledge requirements and goals of users and departments across the enterprise. We link your needs and business goals to the right knowledge systems and identify opportunities to streamline and enhance the business workflow.