We help you create and use software to improve the lives of your customers

IT Modernization

Supply Chain/Ecommerce

We skillfully manage high-volume, market-driven Supply Chain/E-commerce for various industries that expect the excellent performance and flexible infrastructure. Eminent has the expertise, best tools, and technology to build business and boost agility by using integrated technologies, comprehensive shipping options, and operations strategies.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We offer end-to-end most comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning service that offers package evaluation, assessments & process consulting, business process re-engineering, interface-integration and staff augmentation. We offer our services to a wide array of industries including sales and distribution, supply chain, payroll, financials, manufacturing, and many more.

Case Management

Eminent case management solutions provide high-quality support services and to secure that needs of individual consumers are being met. Our premium case management software solutions support knowledge-driven work to effectively manage multiple cases, make excellent decisions and handle high-value exceptions.

Electronic Forms Management

Our electronic form management solutions help establish faster, highly collaborative and secure processes of data collection. We help businesses to capture accurate and compliant data electronically that helps to track information for further use.

Education and Training

Eminent offers self-directed and instructor-led education and training software solutions that help businesses to train their employees using specialized education and training programmes. Our education and training software solutions are highly customized and focus on the effective development of your staff to boost their performance.

Work Management

Through our innovative work management solutions, Eminent enables business professionals to streamline and transform their crucial business processes with easy-to-use, self-service digital solutions. We help businesses to modernize the everyday business processes and interaction by automating and optimizing business processes efficiently.

Manpower Planning

We help businesses to put the right people in right places at the right time to do right things. Our manpower planning software solutions assist in analyzing the current workforce, making future human resources forecasts, developing efficient employment programmes and design training programmes.

Electronic Health Records and Medical Data

Electronic Health Records and Medical Data solutions help to exchange health information seamlessly. We cover the robust support, implementation, and optimization of an EHRs to enhance clinical workflow, better training, and other core issues.

Data Brokering and Data Warehousing

Eminent offers best quality end-to-end solutions for developing, assessing, and optimizing Data Brokering and Data Warehousing at comparable rates. Our staff of skilled professionals helps businesses to evaluate and choose the appropriate tools, build and implement the best solutions, and ensure the availability of consistent, relevant and timely data.

Document Management

Our efficient document management solutions help businesses to store, manage and track electronic documents easily and end the hassle of traditional paper-trail. Our premium quality document management solutions ensure effective control of production, storage, management and distribution of e-data to manage the data flow and yielding greater effectiveness promptly.

Content Management

We help businesses to develop their digital footprint exponentially by providing the best quality, innovative and highly customized content management solutions at comparable rates. Our expert staff strives to accelerate the plan of best action focused on leveraging existing resources in achieving tangible results, quality, and better ROI.

Data Center Migrations

We offer innovative and highly customized web-based data center migration solutions to organize data center migrations, consolidations, and transformations effectively. Our qualitative solutions help businesses to reduce risk, remove blind spots and complete migration projects successfully without disrupting the ongoing business processes.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our superior quality Blockchain & Cryptocurrency development services help to capacitate the business operations and achieve unmatched scalability. Our Blockchain & Cryptocurrency development services include ICO launch, ICO website development, business case assessments, and operating model design.