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Software Services

Revamp - Eminent IT’s a secure way to collect, analyze and share data.

Eminent strives to revamp your existing IT infrastructure by offering qualitative customization of software solutions by developing new and productive features or the expansion of existing ones, and the integration of our products into a larger toolset.


Eminent strives to offer the best utilization of Sharepoint to enable efficient workflow and content sharing across the business. Our solutions accelerate seamless understanding enterprise workflow and systems for effective business management with shared data.


Maximising your business, IT efficiency is possible with Eminent's premium-grade Oracle solutions. We employ modern architecture concepts and agile technologies to offer a competitive advantage and drive business value to multiple enterprises across industries.


Eminent utilizes the JIRA software solutions for the development of efficient project management and to plan, track, and release software. JIRA offers visibility into development plans, workflow, output and cycle times to monitor and assess performance.

WordPress & Drupal

We at Eminent offer best quality WordPress and Drupal outsourcing services that help businesses to strategize and develop efficient content management systems. We also offer our qualitative assistance in extending your CMS system beyond the available features.


To create standalone e-commerce systems, our skilled staff of experts employs an innovative e-Commerce Platform like VirtoCommerce that is scalable and easy-to-use. With VirtoCommerce, we are able to provide highly personalized and user-friendly e-commerce systems.


Eminent provides the core AWS services that comprise efficient design & build and manage & support. We help clients by building tailored applications for their unique needs ensuring best performance, stability and optimal consumption of resources.

Microsoft Azure

Eminent is preferred by a broad spectrum of businesses across industries for the process of migrating secured and mission-critical workloads to Azure Public Cloud. We leverage the power of Microsoft Azure for Data migration, Server migration, High Availability Templates WAN acceleration, Pre-Built Cloud Templates, Scalability Templates, Parallel push to the cloud, and Integrated Continuous Deployment.

Microsoft Office 365

We offer robust support to businesses in migrating to Microsoft Office 365 without loss of visibility and control over performance. Our Microsoft Office 365 solutions can impact service availability, application performance, and the productivity of end users with a better performance awareness.