High-End Cybersecurity

Secure Your Digital World

with Eminent IT

As the number of cyber-attacks consistently rises, it is essential to have a reliable security system in place. To protect valuable assets from potential threats, it is vital to secure operations against damage, theft, and interruptions. Eminent IT develops and maintains the most current, trusted, and highly secured digital environment for customers while staying on top of and accelerating security initiatives in an agile manner. From evaluation to testing and final execution, Eminent IT is specialized in the consulting, design, and integration of IT security.

Eminent IT provides innovative technology to reduce enterprise-wide risk along with expert consulting services to assist customers’ IT teams. Eminent IT’s cybersecurity services provide early detection of threats before it leads to a data breach. Our comprehensive approach starts with understanding what is most important to a government agency, structuring programs in response, and continually analyzing the results. Eminent IT knows how to apply advanced security practices and create new tailor-made approaches for a government agency.

Application Security

The Eminent IT solution provides end-to-end application services with threat modeling, penetration testing, eLearning, and more. Eminent IT experts help you integrate with your systems development life cycle, mature your security program, and train your workforce on fixing security vulnerabilities. With Eminent IT, you get expert supervision, faster remediation, and reliable technical support.

Data Encryption

Eminent IT consistently upgrades its solutions by taking advantage of the innovative technologies provided by technology partners, strong alliances, and integrated original equipment manufacturer partners. With Eminent IT support, you are better positioned to manage the encryption standards needed to protect valuable data and meet critical compliance requirements.

Systems Hardening

System Hardening is the process of protecting a system’s configuration and settings to help minimize the risk from vulnerabilities if compromised. It is achieved by reducing the attack vectors that hackers continuously try to exploit for malicious activity. Eminent IT has successfully hardened networks, enclaves, and systems for a number of customers.

Risk Management

Eminent IT’s risk management services manage risks in an agile manner. We identify significant risks, determine potential losses, and develop custom risk management plans to protect valuable assets. Eminent IT services improve resiliency, boost recoveries, and reduce the total cost of risk.

We are here 24/7 to protect your data and minimize the risk posed by cyber criminals. Eminent IT’s experts understand cyber risks and address them by complying with industry standards, implementing a custom cybersecurity program, and mitigating loss when responding to a data breach.