How Technology is Improving Our Life and Bringing Us Closer

Technology has connected our lives in incredible ways. We can create personal connections and collaborate with people easier than ever. Still, the world seems more divided for most. These people view these tools as a distraction and a time-waster. I’m an optimist, so I see things differently.

I believe this moment in time is the most significant opportunity ever. I predict that we will continue to see new technology invented that enables better relationships, collaboration, and communication.

Today, I will discuss my view on four technologies that will make our world a better place and bring people even closer.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Soon, Virtual Reality will make our current versions of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem dated and pointless. I believe the impact that social media has had on connecting people will be minor compared to the social impact of VR.

Our current VR hardware is still clumsy. This tech will get smaller and more powerful in the years to come. Eventually, the wearer will not be able to distinguish virtual environments from the real thing. This will be orders of magnitude more powerful than sharing pictures the way we currently do on social media platforms. Through VR we will interact with others through all of our senses simultaneously. Once this technology is mature, it will forever change how people connect with each other, but how?

Virtual Worlds created using hyper-realistic graphics will allow us to simulate interactions and scenarios in real-time. This will dramatically change healthcare, education and science.

  • The healthcare industry uses virtual reality for rehabilitation and training. A VR headset combined with a smartphone allows doctors to watch and learn from surgeries remotely. VR can also address the global differences in surgical health while allowing surgeons and trainees to connect and practice remotely across the world.

  • Today, several schools and colleges are using Virtual Reality to take students on virtual campus field trips. These can use a VR headset to experience the campus making it less expensive to visit campuses. From architecture skills to therapeutic exercises, students can easily gain practical knowledge without going anywhere else, opening infinite possibilities for education systems.
  • With VR headset, people who aren’t capable of living a normal life can explore and experience the wonder of the world. The hospitalized people can enjoy special occasions such as a birthday celebration or a soccer match using VR. The possibility to fly round in space using a virtual headset would be fun and interesting.

This is how Virtual Reality can bring positivity to patient’s lives and become a lifesaver. VR is improving our world and give us limitless possibilities. Be ready for more opportunities to come.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of real life and virtual reality which allows users to interact with imaginary contents through the stimulation of the senses both sound and sight. Augmented Reality will soon make possible for you to read newspapers, analyze data, solve complex issues, right in front of your eyes as you take a jog in the park or go shopping in the mall.

Here are five ways that Augmented Reality will improve your life:

  • The way we communicate has already evolved from text to phone call to image sharing to video calling. Technologists believe that the next innovative evolution is 3D avatars of users which imitate expressions to formulate more personal and immersive experience. Imagine talking to a close one remotely as if he/she is sitting on the couch in your living area.

  • Augmented reality can help you stay fit and encourage taking part in the exercise. New AR startups such as ARX help you make exercising more interesting by turning it into an engaging video game using AR glasses.
  • The AR app can also help you find the right way getting to your destination; providing great impact in revolutionizing exploration. Some of the most popular AR apps are Nokia’s City Lens, Metaio’s Junaio, Wikitude, etc. Technologically advanced cars also use AR to form a creamy picture of directions without needing to look at the road.

  • AR can also enable you to navigate a virtual catalog of your favorite fashion brands. So, you can visit a virtual pop-up store without going anywhere else. Augmented Reality can turn any place, i.e., your home, office, park, and airports into shopping destinations while making you able to feel products using your smartphone.
  • Augmented Reality will improve the ways people navigate the world both indoors and outdoors. If you want to explore a new city, simply install an AR app on your smartphone, and you’re ready to feel the beauty of the place.

Tech giants like Google and Apple are investing huge amounts of money into Augmented Reality, and soon we will see more creative inventions that will not only improve our life but also bring us closer.

Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are revolutionary machines that will pave the way for a smarter future and make huge data handling problems a piece of cake. They can disrupt every industry such as improving the way we do business, enhancing the security to safeguard our data, fighting against disease and solving health and climate problems. Here are some of the examples of how Quantum Computers will dramatically change our world:

  • Drug development is a time-consuming task which demands a significant amount of time & efforts. Chemists need to determine the interactions between proteins, molecules, and chemicals to create an effective drug. Since Quantum Computers can analyze multiple chemicals, molecules, and proteins simultaneously, they make it possible for chemists to create drug combinations quicker. Quantum computing allows a person’s genes to be analyzed more quickly than the techniques we use today. In upcoming years, we will be able to perform near-to-impossible things from developing life-saving medicines to solving most complex problems.

  • Quantum Computers will reinforce artificial intelligence (AI) by providing extensive computing power which will conclusively permit a faster and more powerful AI, especially in natural language processing. A combination of Quantum Computing & AI will have the potential to conduct a real conversation with human beings and understand what is being asked. Just like humans, AI machines powered by quantum computers can learn from experience and self-correct.
  • Quantum computing can streamline traffic control by quickly calculating the optimal routes concurrently which allows dynamic scheduling and reduce traffic congestion. Furthermore, quantum computers can optimize air traffic control, supply chains, fleet operations, and deliveries.

There’s no doubt that why Google, IBM, Microsoft, and governments all around the world are investing heavily in quantum computing. We’re experiencing an entirely new world of physics, and consequently, there will be innovations, breakthroughs, and discoveries never dreamed of.

Telepathy Using Brain to Brain Communication

Verbal, non-verbal, written, and even emoji communication plays an essential part in our day-to-day activities. But, what if we could have entire conversations with anyone directly through our brain? Last year, Co-founder and CEO of Tesla – Elon Musk announced that his company “Neuralink” is working to connect the human brain with a machine interface by developing micron-sized devices. The advanced technology will empower humans to break into a new edge of technology with Neurotech.

A combination of AI and machine learning will create sophisticated computers that humans will need to implant in their brains. If a person has two brain interfaces, he or she could actually do an uncompressed direct communication with another person without speaking anything.

This advanced technology may take about 8-10 years to become available for people with no disability, which will also depend on regulatory approval timing and other barriers.


Technology acts as a gateway to bring people together, cure diseases, increase our knowledge and understanding. In simple terms, it has reunited us with as a species, be it through the help of social media, online activities, video conferencing, etc. – technology has bridged the gap in every possible way. With inventions and technology rising exponentially in the field of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & Quantum Computers, the world will be forever changed.

Author Bio

Isaac Barnes is the co-founder and CTO of Eminent IT; an award-winning information technology firm focused on helping government organizations improve their business processes and technologies. He developed, lead, and implemented over 50 IT projects for the Department of Defense, Executive Office of the President and other organizations over the past 16 years.